Illnesses that are discovered in their early stages can usually be treated much more effectively than those discovered after they have had time to develop. For this reason, Dr. Angela and Dr. John Bentley recommend all senior pets have health screens for early disease detection.

The age at which a pet is considered “senior” can vary from dogs and cats and from breed to breed. Typically larger breeds of dogs and cats begin to have health issues earlier than smaller animals, and should begin screening earlier than smaller pets.

The wellness screening at Bel Air Animal Hospital includes a physical exam, diagnostic blood work, fecal and urine sample testing, as well as heartworm testing for both dogs and cats. Our screens are comprehensive, and have enabled our veterinarians to detect issues such as diabetes and heart disease much earlier than waiting for an animal to exhibit physical signs of the illness.

Drs. John and Angela Bentley and their staff will be there for you and your pet from the time they are young, as well as through their later years. Please call Bel Air Animal Hospital to schedule a wellness screening for your pet.